WP200 news: status

Updates of the latest developments in eCo-FEV´s Work Package „Use cases, requirements and specifications“:

Use cases and architecture defined

As a first step towards the development of new FEV technology as targeted by eCo-FEV, the use cases for the FEV users that will be tested in the project were determined. The eCo-FEV services have been described as set of use cases and linked with identified actors. Primary use case describes the services that may be provided by the eCo-FEV system to external actors, e.g. users and multiple infrastructure operators.

Along with the use cases the overall architecture was defined. eCo-FEV proposes a flexible and extensible architecture for the integration of FEVs into the infrastructure systems that are cooperating with each other. eCo-FEV combines existing infrastructures and develops advanced telematics services including data mining, data fusion and distributed decision making. This approach allows precise EV telematics and charging management services based on real time information.