After 33 months of joint efforts, eCo-FEV partners have designed, developed, prototyped, validated and evaluated an open and flexible architecture for the integration of Fully Electric Vehicles (FEVs) into cooperative infrastructure systems. This is taking FEVs one more step towards a mass market penetration. Moreover, it includes new solutions for charging, such as contactless modes.

The project further promotes:

  •  a smart cooperative infrastructure for telematics services
  •  an efficient multi-mode innovative FEV charging
  •  urban co-modal mobility, and
  •  environmental protection.

eCo-FEV successfully completed the project and carried out the final event on May 22nd, 2015 in Grenoble, France. The European Commission judged eCo-FEV having fully achieved its objectives and technical goals while even exceeding expectations.

All related documents are available on this website under publications and deliverables.

eCo-FEV achievements:

  • One electromobility platform, combining existing infrastructures relevant for advanced FEV-related services, and mutualising/exploiting information from EVs and from those infrastructures.
  • Smart concept design integrating energy management and multimodal urban mobility planning
  • Improvement of energy provision via reliable wireless communications
  • Support of different charging modes (including Charge While Driving)
  • Successful tests of platform and use cases at the Italian (Susa) and French (Grenoble) test sites
  • Development of a potential business model and elaboration of an exploitation plan
  • Proposals for extending existing standards or for new standards
  • Roadmap and recommendations for actions to make EVs and eCo-FEV technology a success

The heart of our eCo-FEV concept is the connection of multiple infrastructure systems relevant to Fully Electric Vehicles. We are convinced that electric mobility will play an important role in the future Smart Mobility and we believe that the eCo-FEV system will have a significant impact on the social, economic and environmental welfare of citizens, when implemented in Europe and elsewhere. So, we all look forward to sharing the eCo-FEV story with you.

Dr. Massimiliano Lenardi - Coordinator of the eCo-FEV project