Vision & Mission

The vision of the eCo-FEV team is no less than the mass market introduction of FEVs. Thus, our mission is to achieve a breakthrough in the spread of FEVs by extending and connecting already existing technical applications to make them more reliable. Also, future technologies have to be identified and tested.


The electric mobility does not only cover the electrification of vehicles (FEV), but also other fields such as the road transport sector and the energy sector. An efficient cooperation between FEV, road users and infrastructure is a key factor to implement the electric mobility into road traffic at large by overcoming the challenge of the limited range of FEV. On the one hand, FEV presents a high potential for environmental protection, resource management and air quality. On the other hand, the electrification of road transport may bring the breakthrough for business opportunities for automobile and energy industries. Multiple inter-dependent factors and stakeholders are to be brought into cooperation. Major R&D questions are yet to be answered not only for the technical innovation of vehicle systems, but also at the full integration of FEV into the overall infrastructure system and overall road traffic.


The eCo-FEV project aims at achieving a breakthrough in FEV introduction by proposing a general architecture for integration of FEV into the different infrastructure systems cooperating with each other – thus allowing precise EV telematics services and charging management service based on the real time information.
FEV users want to rely upon their vehicles. Where is the next available charging spot? Is there any traffic congestion which will prolong my travel time? Battery information, real time traffic news, charging opportunities — all FEV-related information have to be merged by one platform giving FEV users the possibility and enough time to react.
That is why, eCo-FEV´s integrated IT platform architecture focuses on the cooperation of FEV-related infrastructure systems plus the intelligent and effective use of advanced telematics services.
Electric mobility platform