eCo-FEV is a FP7 STREP project and extends over a period of almost three years. To ensure the project´s progress several milestones were defined from use case selection to final review. The overview below shows the eCo-FEV timeline with major results in time.


Over a period of 33 month, from September 2012 until May 2015, eCo-FEV partners are working towards significant innovations in the field of FEV such as

  • the combination of existing FEV-related infrastructures,

  • a practical concept for combining energy management and multimodal urban mobility planning,

  • the improvement of energy provision via reliable wireless communications.

To achieve these results, a structured and predefined eCo-FEV work plan and timeline are of vital importance.

Work plan

  • The definition of use cases, requirements and of the functional architecture lays the groundwork for all following actions.

  • From the middle of 2013, the necessary development and following integration of the eCo-FEV sub-systems will prepare the system validation.

  • In the final phase, starting in the middle of 2014, the eCo-FEV system will be tested and demonstrated at the eCo-FEV test sites in France and Italy.