Test sites

The services developed by eCo-FEV are going to be tested both in urban environments and highway situations on two test sites, with specific requirements and mobility needs, located respectively in France and in Italy.

French test site

The French eCo-FEV test site is a co-modal site named “Smart Park and Ride” located at the entry of Grenoble in the county of Isère. The tests to be conducted cover a wide range of advanced mobility services to fully electric vehicles from recharging to multimodal mobility and qualified traffic information systems. One particular focus lies on the co-modality between public and private transport.

Main features of the French test site:

  • Free access open car park with 70 car slots and bike parking slots

  • Served by intercity express bus lines

  • Direct connection to Grenoble via the local road network and cycle tracks

  • Adjustable message signs displaying the occupancy of the parking area (for 2014)

  • Diversified type of conductive charging stations for EV (for 2014)

  • V2X-based roadside units (RSU) for the area

  • Onboard traffic information concerning the interurban road and bus networks, provided by the traffic control center of the Conseil général de l’Isère (PC itinisère)

Italian test site

The Italian eCo-FEV test site is located in a selected road section alongside the A32 motorway near Susa in the North of Italy closed to traffic and exclusively dedicated to FEVs testing. Located at the SITAF facilities and normally used as a parking area the track has a total length of 800-1000m.

Main features of the Italian test site:

  • Single lane connection to/from the A32 motorway

  • Free access open car park with about 100 slots

  • Electricity and internet connection, full coverage of GPRS/UMTS

  • Traffic information

  • Charging stations for EV (standard, quick and dynamic inductive charging)

  • V2X-based RSUs for the area

  • Local control center room for the test site management