Social and Environmental benefits

The electrification of the road traffic and road user mobility will bring a breakthrough to the society as large in terms of environmental protection, greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, air quality and health problems.

Social & environmental benefits

Societal concerns about the de-carbonization and environmental protection have been growing in every industrial and societal sector. Road traffic and automobile industries being important actors should contribute as highly as possible to the reduction of the GHG emission.

eCo-FEV enables new mobility concepts based on Fully Electric Vehicles (FEVs). The project demonstrates the workability of electric vehicles as a reliable alternative. The proof of functionality eases the introduction of electric vehicles similarly to urban and rural areas. The acceptance and the willingness of communities will be increased to integrate electro mobility in there development plans, so new mobility concepts with sustainable modal shifts to environmental friendly transport modes can be reached.



Successfully introducing electric vehicles will reduce both local and global emission. The local emission reductions increase the quality of life especially in urban areas and with that the urban planning process has a new possibility to increase the attractiveness of urban life. However, the overall concept guarantees that by integrating the rural areas in the infrastructure coverage no market barriers exist because of a low mobility range.

Establishing mobility solutions with fully electric vehicles contributes further to the overall competitiveness of the economy. Employment effects and productivity increases will be enabled, which will have positive effects on the economic growth. Creating a new infrastructure for electric vehicles increases the network density and the possibilities for technological spillovers are established.