Project structure

In order to satisfy eCo-FEV’s objectives and innovation potential, well organized and interconnected work packages are essential. For us, an application-oriented project structure constitutes the basis for progress and success.

Administrative work packages

The work of eCo-FEV is organized into five work packages (WPs). The responsibilities of the two administrative WPs overlap each other, facilitating a close cooperation and the exchange of experiences between WPs.

  • WP101 and WP102 are working on the general management of the project and are responsible for the quality control of technical and management activities.

  • WP501 and WP502 are concerned with the dissemination of the project’s results and their economic exploitation. Together with WP101 they are going to coordinate the exchange of information with other relevant R&D projects and standardization organizations.

Technical work packages

The project includes three technical WPs:

  • WP200 conducts a comprehensive study on potential use cases and provides the system and component specifications used as a reference in WP300.

  • In WP300, the eCo-FEV architecture is developed and validated. The output of WP300 will be the creation of integrated prototype sub-systems with communication capacities at the test sites.

  • In WP400, the use cases tests are prepared, executed and evaluated.