General project news

eCo-FEV´s partners attend conferences, organize workshops and go to R&D-related events to inform about the project and its progress. On this page you can find the latest news about our eCo-FEV activities and the status of project milestones related to the technical WPs.

eCo-Fev’s final event a success

files/eco-fev/content/img/News/1PropDEmo1.jpgNearly 50 representatives of industry, academia and authorities joined the eCo-FEV final event on May 22nd, 2015 in Grenoble, France which was efficiently carried out in a single day. eCo-FEV successfully demonstrated the supply of ICT services to a real user under real conditions and on public domain. In the morning, speeches and presentations during a conference informed about the eCo-FEV achievements. Starting by noon, driving demonstrations provided the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of the eCo-FEV systems. In parallel, the technical review was held during the afternoon hours. During the entire day the event was complemented by an exhibition which consisted of posters displaying the major results from all work packages.

files/eco-fev/content/img/News/1PropDemo2 .jpgThe demonstration was carried out at a site named “Smart Park and Ride” located at the entry of Grenoble. Participants there could experience co-modal trip planning by the eCo-FEV back end. A control centre was installed and participants started a real trip by electric car to demonstrate how the systems work. The trip was affected by two traffic events: a closed road and congestion. As a result, the eCo-FEV back end re-planned the trip two times, booked a charging station for the vehicle and proposed a new multimodal route by express bus line. Furthermore, eCo-FEV systems supplied dynamic bus timetables. At the end of the demonstration, participants could travel back to Grenoble by express bus line which can take a dedicated shared lane to bypass congestion.

eCo-FEV’s integration with different infrastructure systems proved full functionality and enabled to include battery autonomy, dynamic traffic information and different charging possibilities. Consequently, the eCo-FEV final event was a great success. All participants highly appreciated to experience the systems first hand, the event setting and the networking opportunities.

Announcement: eCo-FEV Final Event on May 22nd, 2015

files/eco-fev/content/img/News/Bilder WP200/IMG_0541.jpgAfter 33 months of excellent work, eCo-FEV proudly announces the project’s final event on the Minatec campus in Grenoble (France). Taking FEVs one more step towards a mass market penetration, demonstrations will provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of the eCo-FEV systems. Moreover, presentations will inform about the results.

The event is complemented by an exhibition, both offering room for questions and answers. Stakeholders, EC experts and representatives of other European as well as national projects are invited to discuss and evaluate the results of the project as well as market impact and further research.


Following the overall objective to develop a cooperative architecture for FEVs and users, the eCo-FEV project will present the extensibility and flexibility of the eCo-FEV concept in the follow-up deployment. This considers different implementation situations, e.g. specific use case requirements as well as eCo-FEV architecture and specifications. For further development and integration, the final event will foster the projects’ systems and demonstrate the interaction of in-vehicle systems, infrastructure and backend technology. In addition, the results of the technical evaluation and impact assessment will be exposed. Finally, results of the business impact analysis will help to assess the opportunities and risks of the eCo-FEV approach concerning its economic viability and offer recommendations on the road to a successful market launch.

Due to limited capacities, registration for the eCo-FEV final event is by invitation only.